Wednesday, May 8, 2013

And Off We Go!

It's kind of odd how this blog came about. I am in what we, in the Episcopal church, call the "discernment process," which is basically a thorough community examination of ones gifts, developing ministry and sense of call to Holy Orders. It is indeed a fascinating process, and I have been blessed to share quite an intimate journey with a wonderful group of people. 

Prayer has always been an key part of my spiritual life, but in addition to that, I am very simply fascinated with all of the ways humankind reaches out to touch what is sacred, what is holy. That interest appears to be developing into being part of my ministry. While I am a Christian, my interests are not bound by my own perspective. I am on one path in the realm of spiritual journeys, and that path is not the same as your path. Each journey is a treasure, and I want to share mine with you, and invite you to share yours with me. I believe that while we may define our specific faith communities as Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Pagan, agnostic or any number of other groups, I don't believe our quests for connecting with are all that different. I certainly believe that God is large enough to meet each of us where we need to be met in the context of our lives and cultures.

One theme I hear from people is that they don't "know how" to pray. Some people feel like prayer has to be flowery, poetic language or it doesn't "count." Others think prayers from prayer books are empty and heartless while still others see those same prayers as links to  the ancient history if their faith. For me, I pray a lot and I pray a lot of different ways. Some are quite solemn, some more playful, some formal written prayers, some are more "conversations at the dinner table" or "bedtime stories." There are no limits on how we can connect to what we identify as holy, and I want this blog to be a place where we can share experiences, try a few things that are outside of our normal practices, and look at spirituality as who we are without fake limitations. 

Everyone is welcome here, regardless of what path you are on. As a friend suggested, "let's do epic shit."